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Education-School Asset Management:

Given the realities of the new economy, educational institutions must find ways to stretch limited human and capital resources in order to manage and maintain an ever-growing asset base.

DSP Tracker complete portfolio of asset management solutions enables educational institutions to become more collaborative, agile, and productive in order to minimize total costs of ownership while maximizing asset availability, utilization, and effectiveness.

DSP Tracker can be used to manage Facility, IT and Lab Equipment assigned to multiple classrooms, buildings and campuses. It is an Easy to Use system for assigning assets to Faculty and Students with professional Check-Out/Check-In features and the ability to inventory/move assets with mobile computers. A familiar Microsoft Windows Interface, Web or Mobile Devices can be used to easily manage the assets through their lifecycle. Also included is commercial-grade integration tools for importing/exporting to other systems.

DSP Tracker Software is a complete package that does not break the budget and offers a reliable and tested solution for maintaining accurate asset details. Easily control your asset moves, adds and changes and confirm inventory.

With the provided professional importing and integration tools, DSP Tracker can put you in control of what you have, where it is and who is responsible for it. Easily track a variety of assets from Furniture and Vehicles to IT and Lab equipment. We invite you to contact us for details or a demonstration of the system.

Key Benefits:

  • Access a complete list of assets.
  • Access a powerful fixed asset register that tracks and records all changes that occur during an asset’s lifetime.
  • Gain complete control of cash-flows, budgets and projects from start to finish.
  • Track depreciation and functionality.
  • Benefit from the latest in barcode technology.

By better visibility of assets and availability, healthcare operators are better able to:

  • Improve asset availability 24∗7
  • Mitigate equipment risks and breakdowns by better planned maintenance schedules
  • Emphasis on prevention rather than reactive maintenance
  • Better manage costs and improve operational facilities
  • Have visibility of each assets history, maintenance procedures and processes, movement within and across healthcare facilities
  • Ensure correct policies and procedures and adhered to via improved management and documentation
  • Track OH&S (Occupational health & safety) and Statutory activities