Data Solution Provider

Corporate Asset Tracking:

DSP has expertise and experience in providing solutions for a diverse group of companies operating in the private sector.


Key Benefits:

  • Track the movement of all assets
  • Multiple locations
  • Ability to add or modify locations as required
  • Audit and verify their fixed assets to comply with internal and external auditor reporting requirements
  • Access a powerful fixed asset register that tracks and records all changes that occur during an asset's lifetime.
  • Manage the Maintenance regimes by asset types to ensure 'compliance and safety' of assets
  • Manage the full lifecycle cost of assets including Depreciation and Tax calculations
  • Mitigate equipment risks and breakdowns by better planned maintenance schedules
  • Emphasis on prevention rather than reactive maintenance
  • Better manage costs and improve operational facilities
  • Have visibility of each assets history, maintenance procedures and processes, movement within and across healthcare facilities
  • Ensure correct policies and procedures and adhered to via improved management and documentation
  • Real time accuracy which supports legal, tax or accounting purposes
  • Gain complete control of cash-flows, budgets and projects from start to finish.
  • Benefit from the latest in barcode technology.